Workout-Based Blog Topics

You’ll find a bunch of workout categories below.  For each, you can consider developing a specific workout or training plan that fits in that category, or you could do a beginner’s guide to that particular category.

  • Cardio
  • Plyometrics
  • Strength training
  • HIIT
  • Endurance
  • Running
  • Classes (Spinning, Zumba)
  • Yoga
  • Cross fit
  • Bike riding
  • Boot Camps
  • Circuit
  • Stretching
  • Pilates
  • Water Aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Martial Arts

Remember – don’t stop at the basics; try to dig deep into each one.  For each fitness blog topic, consider including the following in your post:

  • Describe what the workout is
  • Include pictures or videos to demonstrate form or showcase examples
  • Describe what is being accomplished (i.e. muscle groups targeted; benefits to taking the class)
  • How often should this particular workout be done
  • Can it be done at home or in a gym?  What kind of equipment is needed?
  • How long would the workout take?
  • How many calories are burned during each workout?
  • Are there any contraindications or modifications?  (i.e. people with certain injuries shouldn’t do the workout or those who have back problems should do this modification instead)

Write down all that you know about these, getting as detailed as possible.  You can also add research about each type of workout if that makes sense for your blog style (for example, I might include a post about triathlon swimming and showcase research on different pacing strategies).

And if you end up doing multiple workout posts, this would also make a great blog series – and you can create a helpful landing page with links to all the different types of workouts.

Fitness Gear Blog Post Ideas

This area of focus is amazing for affiliate links and sponsored brand content.  You could also include recommendations for physical products that you actually create (for example, a tech t-shirt for workouts or a line of headbands) if that is an option.

  • Best workout clothes for _______(insert type of exercise)
  • Best running shoes for ______ (trail running, overpronation, sprinting, etc)
  • TK best shoes for heavy lifting
  • Why you should grab a silicon wedding ring for the gym
  • Why you should use gloves when lifting weights
  • The TK best workout accessories for ______ (insert type of exercise)
  • Beginner essentials for starting a gym routine (bag, lock, gloves, earbuds, etc.)

Within this category you could also think about recommending subscription boxes and checking if they have affiliate programs. Here are a few popular ones within the wellness niche:

  • Fab Fit Fun
  • Fabletics
  • Yoga Club
  • Yogi Surprise
  • Ellie
  • FitSnack
  • Bulu Box
  • Nature Box
  • Stride Box 

Time Management Fitness Posts

In these posts, you want to help your readers find time management hacks or extra motivation to help them get on a consistent fitness schedule.  Make sure they know why it is important to make time for exercise and why you should incorporate different routines rather than doing the same exact thing every time. There are more people who “want” to work out than actually do. These posts will help your audience realize that time doesn’t have to get in their way of fitness.

    • Why it is important to have a regular exercising schedule?
    • Why it is important to complete a variety of exercises when working out?
    • How to make time for workouts when you don’t have any time?
    • How to make working out a habit?
    • Workouts for stay at home moms
    • What are the best workouts to do in the least amount of time?
    • How to start working out for beginners
    • How to stay fit when traveling?
    • Easy workouts that can be done during your lunch break
    • Home workouts that can be done while the kids are napping
    • How fitness helps with mental health
    • How exercising can be a stress reliever